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  1. Wow! I am really surprised how useful the color analysis is. It has so many beautiful colors that harmonize. Unfortunately, now I also realize why so many things in my closet don't match and are the wrong tone and just don't go together. I've been building my wardrobe slowly piece by piece and never seem to have anything to wear. Duh! Now I see why! If every item I've acquired so far, no matter how insignificant...……..if it was only selected by color, I'd have a few more outfits! Thanks! Mary

  1. Mary! Yes, I love this. You've got it now. Narrow down a neutral color for your basics. Then you can add a few other pieces in a statement color from your seasonal color palette (one color you love to wear). Keep it small (it's called a wardrobe capsule-where everything mixes and matches). Think: a pair of slacks, a skirt, a dress, a basic blazer, dark denims-all in the same color. Then add a few tops (mostly solids, only add one print top). Now, notice how this small grouping can go together in various combinations! Again, the smaller the grouping of clothes you work with-the better you will grasp this concept and be able to recreate outfit after outfit. Love, Leslie MSP

  2. You did my seasonal color analysis 7 years ago! :) That's how long I've been a SYSter. My question is this, I still struggle with the colors, because I can't determine whether I'm a Bright Winter, Cool Winter, or Dark Winter. Also, some sites say to never wear orange if you're a winter, but I think I look okay in burnt orange. Please help. Thank you, MSP!

  3. Hi rasmattaz! I had the same issue (except I'm not a Winter) and I finally decided that the color analysis helps but it's not everything. Now that I have a better idea of what makes a color look good on me, I can decide on a case-by-case basis even if it's not on my color chart. (Or the other way around! My chart has a lot of pastel on it, but after lots of experimenting, I know that pastel is not right for me.) And I could never pin down my exact type, either.

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