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  1. Shopping online has become the fastest and most convenient way to purchase clothing. Yet, I hesitate because I live so far away from the post office and am afraid I will spend extra money and most of my time returning things that don't fit or are the wrong color. What do people do nowadays?

  1. I stick with a few online businesses where I know FOR SURE what size I am. For me, this is LL Bean, Coldwater Creek, Talbots, and Lee Jeans. This way, when I order I know it'll fit. Hope this was helpful.

  2. thanks! I'll check them.

  3. I'm with RuthanneK. I too shop on line as I live in a rural area a long way from any major shopping area. In addition to l.l.bean, Coldwater Creek and Talbots, I find Chico's is very good. I also shop on Ebay and highly recommend it. However, you do have to know your merchants and measurements. Once you get the hang of it the prices are amazing and that includes the shipping. Good luck.

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