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  1. I have recently had comments about how I look "put together"! This must be due to MSP's advice. I haven't been able to find all my "basics" yet, but I'm wearing accessories with more confidence than I used to. And I'm trying to fill in the gaps in my wardrobe, as it was sparseness rather than overcrowding in there that was the problem.

  1. I meant to add - what changes have other people noticed in their wardrobes / way of dressing?

  2. Congratulations, Natasha! Before MSP, I could not figure out how to reliably put an outfit together--basics vs. non-basics, "completer pieces", accessories, let alone dressing for my body shape/proportions/colouring and building a wardrobe that worked together... None of that came naturally to me, so I needed someone to walk me through it step by step. My style (and wardrobe) continues to evolve, and I still run into style challenges, but those principles will always be there.

  3. Before subscribing to MSP, I knew my best seasonal colours to wear, but only had separate pieces in my closet, not complete outfits. I had almost no basic pieces because I thought basics would be boring and that, being a summer, I should not consider black as one of my colours for basics. MSP taught me that I can wear black and have a summer colour near the face. I always desired a stylish look of some sort, would copy something I liked on someone else, but usually found it not work for some unknown reason even though the colours were ok. MSP taught me to consider my body shape and proportions, not just the current trend. This is such a slow work in progress. It comes so easily to some people, not to me. I say I am "style tone deaf." (I am not musically tone deaf, though, ha, ha!) Thanks for asking this question, Natasha, and Wonderer, my answer reflects yours, but your advice in other posts is so good, I can hardly believe you're not a natural.

  4. Regarding "basics" - I recently bought a navy jacket, trousers and skirt which co-ordinate, but they are in the wardrobe, uninspiring. However, we are having a heatwave,and I may be inspired when the weather cools down.

  5. Sandy--Aw, thank you, what a wonderful compliment! That's what multiple years of MSP will do, I guess... :-) Natasha, I know what you mean. I don't feel like wearing navy in this heat either. Once it cools down, those items will go well with patterned or coloured tops (or white, if white and navy works for you) and a nice necklace or earrings.

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