Is Your Handbag a Mess?!?

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  1. Are you carrying around clutter? Take 5 minutes to clean it out...DO IT NOW!


  1. No, I'm not carrying around clutter. I tip it out every night to check what's in there :)

  2. I cleaned out my handbag a week or so ago. There were a few items to be removed but I try not to use my bag as catchall.

  3. Awesome ladies! I try to do a handbag clean out of paper receipts and unnecessary items once a week. However, I just saw a lady at a check out counter with a handbag similar to the pictured one...and I thought, "Oh my gosh, that's crazy you are carrying around all the stuff"'s literally weighing you down!

  4. Most of the women I know carry handbags so full of things that they are really heavy. It's bad for your back to carry that weight on your shoulder. On the other hand, the small neat type of handbags hardly have enough room for keys and money... And some handbags are really heavy even before you put anything inside.

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