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  1. Question: Other than dresses that are already lined, do women still wear slips? I have a couple summer light weight dresses that I think need slips, but I can't find any in the stores.

  1. Hi Sandy - I still wear slips (I was born in 1961)...often the texture of tights and the skirt or dress I wear don't play nice and the dress or skirt will hike up on the that is one reason why I wear a slip. But the other is the sheer fabrics...I am not one to allow seeing through skirts or dresses - just looks like you quit half way through getting dressed - a half baked outfit! I have a summer cotton skirt that I got at Talbot's years ago that I still wear in the summer months and the skirt has a cotton liner but you can STILL see though it - on goes a slip! In the past I have found slips at J C Penney, Macy*s...half slips that are short (16")in nylon, in both black and nude. I wouldn't mind finding a cotton one for summer and I found some cotton Pettipants on Vermont Country Store's site that you can wear under dresses and skirts, and the best part is you can cut them to the length you want so I may consider picking up a pair for summer and give them a try under my skirt...Yep, I wear slips...

  2. Look on Amazon, too -- lots of slips there. Good luck!

  3. I wear silk petticoats (half slip) under homesewn wool skirts (w/o lining). The 2 I own have been in my closet for nearly 20 years. The waist is an elastic band. But for summer, I am always at a loss as it is too hot and humid to wear extra layers, so I avoid transparent skirts or else I wear an open linen shirt that fall under the bottom providing cover against light!

  4. Yes. Slips are still available. With very thin summer maxidresses, I've often wondered whether you could wear 2 at once to avoid the transparency problem.

  5. 2 dresses at once, I mean. Not 2 slips. :)

  6. I don't wear slips...but I also don't buy dresses or skirts if they're too transparent.

  7. You can find half slips and full slips on Ebay.

  8. I shopped my closet and found an old slip I just love. You don't want to know how long I've kept that thing and not worn it! It works for my longest summer dress that ends just below the knee. Now that the hot weather arrived, it's wonderful to have a slip that hangs from the shoulder straps, no elastic at the waist, not tight shapwear. Now need one more slip for just above the knee dresses. Might check out vintage shops. Ok, the slip is circa mid-eighties, ha, ha!

  9. Vintage find in my closet....they don't make 'em like that any more.


  10. I suppose, if all else failed,one could wear a plain silky slip-type nightdress under a maxi-dress if that was too sheer. (I have only one maxi-dress - not sheer - and haven't worn it yet. Wonder if I ever will). I know the original question was about shorter dresses, I'm just musing.

  11. I know I still have a couple of knee length slips in my bottom drawer, just in case. I got rid of the half slips I think. I haven't needed them for ages but they don't take up much room and they are pretty hard to find now.

  12. Anyone wear body shapers instead of slips? Or combined?

  13. I like a half slip which doesn't add another layer of fabric at the bodice. I have begun wearing split slips (or you may call them pant liners) cut and hemmed to just above knee length. This length works with nearly all my dresses and skirts and it does everything a slip does for the fall of the skirt and modesty in the sun, plus it eliminates thigh rub! Because of the thigh rub issue, I wear a silky fabric longish boxer when wearing a lined skirt or dress. Gotta say, I love my silky fabric boxers!! The most comfortable undies I have ever worn. Found them on Amazon, brand is comfort choice. I do not wear shape wear in summer, cannot stand the added heat! I do wear it for dressy events in fall through spring.

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