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  1. Suitcase Chic blog came out a day before we left on vacation. It was useful to pare down what to take. Since San Francisco would still be cool, especially at night, I needed layers including jacket and scarves. My neutrals were beige & black for evening and beige & blue for daytime. Here is what I took for 2 weeks: 4 short sleeved tops (at least one too many) 3 long-sleeved tops (also used for layering) 1 sweater 1 blazer 1 jacket 2 pairs pants (too cold for skirts) 4 scarves (could have used 2 but that was my splurge) 2 pairs of shoes 1 purse (for evening) 1 day pack I have a travel bag for jewelry (not included in photo) and travel with a backpack on my back and my day pack on my front, so both hands are free when needing to ascend/descend stairs on trains, buses, etc.; one hand hangs on to the railing, the other shows my travel document; no hands required for my luggage. Thank you, Leslie, for such a timely Style Article!


  1. Nice job Sandy! I love your photo showing what you packed. It looks like everything will mix & match! Perfect layers for San Fran too. The Suitcase Chic article will definitely help you pare down your packing (yet you'll have a stylish trip)!
    Leslie MSP

  2. I would like Suitcase Chic emailed to me as I can't open it up because of cookies.

  3. Wendy, if you are a member, you might email Missus Smartypants and she'll snd you the issue even though it's not longer available. If you aren't a member, it's really worth the money.

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