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  1. Hi all! I'm wondering if there is any interest in starting a daily "what I wore" thread to share outfits and pick up ideas. (If you've been around for a while, you might remember that we used to do fell by the wayside long ago, but I still log my outfits!) If you're interested--or hey, even if you're not--leave a comment below and tell us something about yourself. I'll start: I'm a 30-something urban professional, body type C, work in a business casual environment. Have never been able to figure out my colour season, but as far as neutrals go, I aim for navy, charcoal, white, and cream when I can get it. Oh, and I'm Canadian (Ontario) and in my climate, we're just now getting into temperatures in the 55-70 degree range (12-20 C). :-)

  1. Hello Still have my copy of Color Me Beautiful, I even bought the version for my husband and sons ! Had my colors analyzed some 20 years ago... A Summer, with medium tones my best colors, Soft Fuchsia my favorite...

  2. Had my colors done twice. When I lived in New England where my skin rarely tanned because of short cool summers, I was a Spring. When I moved south and spent more time outdoors I had my colors done again and was considered Autumn. With strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes, I wear colors quite well, but it is nice to be able to wear black when I don't feel very colorful. Here is a pic of what I wore today: above knee length black A-line dress worn with black leggings and accessorized with multi-color scarf, jewelry, and red handbag (not pictured). My hair (post-chemotherapy) is now coming back all gray. Everyone I know loves the new short cut! I still wonder if any of my original color will come back.


  3. Just love your outfit, Karen! Especially the accessories-they are so joyful.

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