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  1. Hi all! I'm wondering if there is any interest in starting a daily "what I wore" thread to share outfits and pick up ideas. (If you've been around for a while, you might remember that we used to do fell by the wayside long ago, but I still log my outfits!) If you're interested--or hey, even if you're not--leave a comment below and tell us something about yourself. I'll start: I'm a 30-something urban professional, body type C, work in a business casual environment. Have never been able to figure out my colour season, but as far as neutrals go, I aim for navy, charcoal, white, and cream when I can get it. Oh, and I'm Canadian (Ontario) and in my climate, we're just now getting into temperatures in the 55-70 degree range (12-20 C). :-)

  1. I'd post photos, but things are hectic right now. Am retired, type B, summer, also from Canada. Wish this forum was more active, but even so, whenever I've posted a question, the advice in replies have been really helpful. Wonderer, to determine your season, maybe consider if you look best wearing a blue-pink top/scarf or an orangey-gold one. That will determine if you are a cool (winter, summer) or warm (spring, fall). Once you know if you are warm or cool, in the colour that worked for you (blue-pink or orange-gold), try a fully saturated colour versus a pastel. What colour do you know just doesn't look good next to your face? Will try to post what I wore today some time in the near future.

  2. Thanks, Sandy! I struggle because I'm in between. I gravitate towards cool colours (or colours with cool undertones), yet cream and warm yellow work better on me than tan and ivory. I get washed out by both stark colours AND pastels, so I aim for in-between saturation. (Or stripes/florals/other prints, which can balance out a too-strong background.) At this point I've mostly figured out what looks best on me, colour-wise, and have stopped trying to give it a label. ;-)

  3. That's interesting, Wonderer. I can get away with some corals that are towards the Spring palate. Years ago my Mom, my Aunt and I got a Colour Me Beautiful colour draping done. We were all summers, but my Aunt, the oldest and with white hair a transparent skin looked beat in the palest of the summer colours. I was good in the medium saturated colours, and my Mom almost boarded on being a winter. That was such an informative session and has been so valuable. Glad you have found your favourite colours.

  4. My usual attire is smart casual. (I imagine). I dress for the age I feel myself to be. :) lol. If I'm going somewhere special, I aim to look just smart. Had my colour analysed and seemed to be between Autumn and Spring - described as soft, warm and light. Thinking of having colours analysed again in case I'm really a Summer. It's quite an entertaining session. I'm growing the layers out of my hair, in the hope of it looking thicker - my hairdresser has a plan (she says). I don't have the problem of an overstuffed wardrobe. I'm hoping one day to have a capsule wardrobe, so I can grab anything and it will go with something else. (Can't post pictures - camera too complicated and I haven't a smartphone).

  5. I’m also in Canada (Alberta) and in my mid 30s. I used to be an A, but postpartum have become a B. I was also analyzed as a winter, but strongly disagree, as most winter colours make me look like I’m dying from some terrible disease lol. I don’t have many good photos to post atm, as most of my pre-partum clothes still don’t fit. And my baby is 9 months old :(. It’s a problem. I constantly feel frumpy, and can’t really afford a new wardrobe, especially as I am still hoping to fit back into my old one.

  6. Hi Marceline, you could re-analyse your colours yourself, (there are various websites). Then make sure you wear your most flattering colour near your face - in a top, scarf or necklace. And wear makeup colours according to the season you decide you are. These would be inexpensive ways of cheering up your look. All the best. :)

  7. Update - I had my colours analysed again, (by a different person), with more or less the same result - Autumn. Just a few of the previous colours were deemed unsuitable, such as a pale mint colour.

  8. Hi Natasha, Hope you feel happy in your Autumn colours. My sister and two good friends of mine are Autumns and it's so much fun seeing them look so beautiful in colours I would not go near, Ha, Ha!

  9. Yes, it's quite strange. I tend to think Autumn season should have reddish brown hair and brown eyes, whereas I have blue grey eyes and caramel blonde hair(highlights). Colours seem right, but this analysis didn't include sky blue. Think I'll still wear sky blue, though.

  10. What I wore yesterday. Dark blue jeans, teal long sleeved pin-tucked tunic, plimsolls. And my royal blue mac. (Yes, probably royal blue doesn't go with teal, but the teal was hidden...)

  11. Natasha, this site has 3 versions of Autom. Scroll to the third one called Soft Autum that includes a blue eyed example and includes a Cornflower blue that is close to Sky Blue. I hadn't seen it explained like this before, but maybe that is the version of Autum that you are?

  12. Hi All! And thanks, wonderer, for the suggestion to re-start a "what I wore" thread. Here is pic I took of a recent successful outfit (after I got home and changed). I received so many complements I wanted to remember what worked. I put everything on my bed and took it at an angle so it might be little hard to see everything: black skinng pants and top, skinny black shiney belt with gold buckle, scarf with black, white, and small amounts of red, shiney red heels, gold tone earrings and matching bracelet, black Coa purse with gold tone hardware. Why the outfit worked: neutral solid clothing, cute shoes, repeating the red on feet and torso, tasteful earrings and bracelet.


  13. Good outfit planning,Karen. I especially like the red shoes. I want some too...

  14. Karen, what a great outfit! I have a pair of red shoes (not as cute as those -- they're flat Mary Janes) that I wore yesterday to the office with navy slacks and a striped boatneck top in aqua/yellow/white. Finished the outfit with a red pendant that has a picture of a sailing ship on it. That's my "uniform": neutral bottom, a bright and/or patterned top, a statement necklace, and practical shoes/sandals. :-) Or else a dress with some sort of pattern, a neutral cardigan or blazer to tone down the pattern, contrasting belt and necklace, and neutral sandals.

  15. Here is what I wore today: White linen pants, sleeveless v-neck (red on white large scale paisley print) top, narrow red belt with gold tone buckle, neutral gold washed white pebble grain leather (very comfy) platform sandals, red sweater (for inside cold AC), gold tone lace patterned chandelier earrings and matching cuff bracelet, and red purse. Pants and top are Charter Club, purchased at Macy's; jewelry by Stella and Dot; red all cotton knit sweater by Foxcroft which I have had a long time and love that it is light bright red which is a "straight up" true red that leans NEITHER to red orange NOR to blueish darker red cherry. Red purse, by Coach, is the same color as the sweater. The belt, a cheap one, is almost worn out--I would replace it if only I could find the right red!


  16. Karen, that looks very put together! I just got back from a weekend trip to a neighbouring city. Here's what I packed for the heat: a bright pink patterned sundress; a pair of straight-leg khakis; a very lightweight open cardigan in light grey; three shirts -- white/blue striped v-neck tee, white/orange/navy patterned tank, purple tee with a Star Wars logo (didn't end up wearing); a pair of sturdy walking shoes and two pairs of sandals; raincoat (didn't wear); accessories like a sunhat, necklaces, belt (for wearing the cardi with the sundress), etc. It all fit in a small rolling bag and a smallish backpack, and I added a mini cross-body bag for short excursions where I didn't need a water bottle, sunhat, sunscreen, etc.

  17. Karen, I LOVE your outfit and red color on you is very becoming! Wonderer sounds like you packed just the right amount for your trip. I love using a cross-the-body bag for hands free shopping or on a trip. Here's what I wore to an early morning breakfast. I was feeling a little funky so I wore a vest over a slinky black cami. I'm looking forward to wearing more dresses and lighter colors though....


  18. Hi ladies the book "Colour me beautiful" is still around - in my local library at least! I found the diagrams of colours in that book was more helpful than anything else to work out my colour (which is Summer). Also taking notice of what is your favourite colour(s) and also the one or two which you cannot wear narrows things down. (I can't wear orange) Don't forget to cover your hair with a scarf when looking in the mirror to see if a colour suits you. The bottom line too is that you are drawn to your suitable colours and when you are wearing your colours you tend to get more favourable comments on your appearance.

  19. Hi wonderer - I noticed you said you've never been able to figure out your color season. Have you tried MSP's? She only charges $10.

  20. Yes, I had her do mine long ago, but it didn't quite work for me, maybe because the lighting in the photo I sent was misleading. It certainly helped as a starting point, though!

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