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  1. Hey Style SYSters!
    Let's share our best wardrobe planning tips with each other. Ready, set, Go!

  1. I'll start! I keep a running list -- well, two lists, one for spring/summer and one for fall/winter. At the top of the list is what I need this season, then what I'd *like*. Then I do some window shopping online and add to the list the items that catch my eye, so I can go in later and try them on (I don't do online ordering). For "what I need", I'm thinking about questions like: What's missing in my wardrobe and would fit in with what I already own (and wear)? Am I always wearing the same two pairs of pants to work? (Maybe I need a third pair -- after I purge my closet, of course.) Do I keep thinking "Gee, I could really use a...to complete this outfit"? (For example, I'm on the lookout for a pink blazer or cardigan to pair with several of my dresses.) Do any of my basics need replacing? (I'm looking for a new pair of reasonably dressy but comfortable shoes.) Right now I'm in the pre-purging stage of "pull out my warm-weather clothes and try them on to see if they're keepers or not". But the warm weather has just arrived, so I need to hurry up!

  2. Excellent Wonderer! That is pretty similar to what I do. I cull through my closet as the new season arrives and make a list as a go. I find I MUST set aside some time and get a grip on my closet before the season arrives...(hince the need for posting the "Shorts" article BEFORE the season really starts) FYI: I got a lot of flack because so many are still dealing with snow, lol!

    I put together outfits from my closet based on ACTIVITIES I'll dress for during the season. For example: a day at the zoo (or park with the family) several outdoor evening concerts I'll be attending, a backpacking trip (or two), business casual meetings, client meetings and shopping trips. Q: Do I have what I need for each activity? Q: Do any of my main basic pieces need replacing? I believe the key to a stylish wardrobe is an organized closet!

  3. It's definitely not shorts weather here either, but I understand. It's a fine line to walk between "can't think about shorts yet, it's freezing here!" and "uh oh, warm weather is here and I'm not ready!" Especially since folks are reading this in all kinds of climates. (P.S. I learned everything about wardrobe planning from you!)

  4. Mainly looking for shoes that look smart and don't make my feet look like boats. And maybe a cheery coloured mac.

  5. Choosing one or two basic colours to plan clothes purchases around, I suppose is what I would aim to do. Doing it is another matter...

  6. Still wearing shorts in Florida. Sorry, guys! I am in serious need of a closet purge, so am not a good example. But one thing I like to do is make a few drawings, with colored pencils, of outfits I imagine wearing in the coming season. Kind of like a paper doll look book of my capsule wardrobe! This starting "in my head" helps keep me from getting sidetracked.

  7. I really need to be more like Leslie and wonderer! Those are the things I'm trying to do more. I'm concentrating on weeding out items from my wardrobe that I don't wear. I've donated some and sold others on ebay only recently. I still don't think I'll need to shop for quite some time as I know there are heaps of good basics in there, hiding amongst the excess that I need to purge. Just need to keep going and not procrastinate lol. Hey, that' my plan right there.

  8. LisaFromOz...You are on the right track! Knowing you've got the basics covered is a good thing. It's just the doing it part that makes us procrastinate. Do the FlyLady thing and set a timer for 15 minutes and see what you can accomplish. If you do that several times a week-it will be done before you know it. Best of luck on putting together a wardrobe plan for the new season!

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