Mascara for over 60 - lower lashes or not?

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  1. I can't figure out if I should be wearing mascara on my lower lashes or not? I am 63 now, but have seen arguments (and women) who would say both yes and no? thoughts?

  1. Hi robandjane. My thought is that at any age mascara may be used in the way most flattering for your features and skin tone. My skin tone is in the summer palate so I use dark brown mascara rather than black. And yes I use it on the bottom lashes too, as this seems to create a more natural effect for the shape of my eyes. I also tint my eyebrows with brown rather than black. Brown mascara may also be flattering if you are a "spring". Winters and Autumns look good using black mascara.

  2. I'm 71 and my brows are whispy grey. I use a powered grey eyeshadow with an eyebrow brush to fill and give them some shape.Is this good or is there a better idea?

  3. Concerning eyebrows - there is a good article about how to apply makeup to grey eyebrows - on Also video tutorials on (Not that I am good at doing anything to my eyebrows).

  4. There is a YouTube channel by Dominique Sanchez where she talks about using eye shadow and not mascara on her lower lids. She also has dark hair and lashes might be darker too. Her comment was to draw the eye upward and it giving kind of a lift. Honestly do one eye with and then do one eye without. look in the mirror and then decide which way makes you look awake and fresh. If without lower lashes makes you look tired or not feeling your best then apply lower mascara it's really about how you feel about yourself. No right or wrong way on how something makes you look your best. If black mascara is a little much try brown it might soften the look without making you look tired. Best Wishes.

  5. I agree to do each eye differently and compare. My lower lashes are short, fine and sparse. Mascara makes them look dumb, so I prefer to do the uppers only. A cat eye is in right now, maybe you could try uppers only with a sweep of liner at the outer edges. I use black mascara and a dull cocoa brown liner. Sounds unattractive, I guess, but it is not overwhelming to my face. Summer C

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