styles for 70 year old plus size woman

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  1. I am a retired lady with a very full stomach and buttocks and am not certain what to wear. I felt I was a D but am now not sure because I look to be the same size top and bottom with a 3 inch difference at the waist with full arms to elbow and full legs to knee. I have tried leggings and tunics but feel a bit uncomfortable wearing them as the tunics fall into my back just above the top of my hips and then the front rounds me off. Like to wear nice clothes, would be happy with a small capsule of well fitting clothes. Advice and suggestions would be most appreciated.

  1. Hello Faye, for a capsule wardrobe, you can choose 1-3 neutral colours for your basic pieces, eg trousers, skirts, blazer. Colours should be warm or cool according to your skin tone. Then choose accent colours to suit your colouring and also the neutral colours chosen, for the items to go with the basics. Ensure all items can be mixed and matched. Choose quality over quantity. Good fabric rather than too clingy. Wear accessories and jewellery to add character. (If you have a look at some shops on-line you'll have an idea of what looks good in your size). I hope this helps, and that someone else offers advice here. PS - On-line, someone suggested getting things made by a dressmaker, too.

  2. Also, I forgot to mention shoes. Smart shoes make a difference, too. I don't mean stilettoes - they could just have a small wedge heel.

  3. Have you tried showing off your curves with a shorter fitted/shaped top over bootleg jeggings to balance out your width? Sometimes, with bigger hips, a tunic just makes us look big all over. Ease at waist with elastic is good for comfort and will be covered by the top, which could stop around your hip bone, or slightly lower to cover your tummy. A dress over leggings is also a way to go, in a heavier fabric than the tunic, so that it does not fall in to your back.

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