Formal dinner attire

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  1. We have an invitation to a formal dinner party celebrating our friends' 50th wedding anniversary. I am a "D" body type (size 22 on top, size 24 on the bottom) and must wear orthopedic-looking shoes due to a foot deformity. I am at my wit's end, not having a good understanding of what I need to purchase to look my best at this dinner party. Even though I know my seasonal colours (autumn) my size makes purchasing anything a challenge. I feel like declining the invitation rather than struggling to find something appropriate to wear. I need your help desperately!

  1. What about getting some dressy wide leg pants and a pretty top in a flattering color? Wear some bling in the form of earrings or a necklace. Your friends would not want you to agonize about clothes.

  2. I agree with Lilyapril's advice. You would be able to use those items again for other occasions, too. Hope you have a lovely evening.

  3. Don't stay home, get out and party! Your friends will be happy to see you no matter what you wear, as long as it is somewhat dressy. No one expects you to suddenly be a supermodel. How about a long mother-of-the-bride dress? Or palazzo pants and a tunic? They may be a bit stodgy, but appropriate for the occasion. And don't forget everyone looks prettier with a friendly smile, and everyone loves a good listener!

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