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  1. Any thoughts about the trends for this summer? I'll be glad to see the cold-shoulder fad go away. I'm long-waisted, so happy that the rise on pants is getting higher to our more natural waist (no more muffin top, yippee!) Will definately avoid the denim on denim look. Best of all, the colous for this summer look absolutely amazing, especially the purples and mauves.

  1. Sandy-I'm getting a little tired of the cold shoulder look too. It can move on. I also like higher rise on pants (my waist is kind of long) so it's a good trend in my book! I'm not sure about denim on denim-I might try it if I find the right pieces ( I do have a chambray shirt) perhaps match it up with ripped dark denims (is that too youthful)? Purples? Yes, I'm a big fan of all shades of purple. My next new item will be in that must-have color!

  2. I don't have a MSP subscription anymore, so I haven't seen the article, but if the denim on denim look is anything like what it has been for the last couple of years, I'd suggest avoiding using the same tone twice. Try a light blue chambray shirt with dark-wash skinny or slim jeans. (Or the other way -- dark blue chambray with light-wash jeans -- if that works better for your body type.) Or, use white jeans or a white denim jacket as one of the pieces. I've also enjoyed mixing in coloured denim, but that seems to be going out of style.

  3. Nice to see you here again, Wonderer. I always enjoy reading your suggestions. Regarding styles, trumpet sleeves are something haven't tried yet. Maybe ones with a slighter flare... I'll probably try them when they've gone out of fashion. : (

  4. Aw, thank you, Natasha! I'm not sold on trumpet sleeves either. Maybe the elbow-length ones, but then you can't layer anything over top, which is bad for those of us who get cold easily...

  5. Been there, done that with the trumpet sleeves. They tend to drag onto the dinner plate of food when I'm reaching for the glass of wine. Not good when you have to hold your clothing out of the way, ha, ha! And, Wanderer is right, can't layer over them to stay warm.

  6. Shopped yesterday to fill in core pieces for the summer. Got an 80's look cream-coloured moto jacket, a 70's style cream-coloured knit sweater for cool summer evenings, and a long sleeved dressy tee in a grey-cream ruffled-like textured material for spring. Had "shopped my closet" for trends and found my old trench coat, a mauve shirt, frilly sheer dress (for a couple weddings this summer), higher waisted pants, and pastel t-shirts. Thanks Leslie for the Big Spring Previews and the previous Jackets by Body Type articles. They were very helpful in getting me thinking about summer while selection in stores is still good. How's everyone else doing in getting ready for Easter, spring and summer? Happy Easter, everyone!

  7. You're off for a racing start to spring/ summer, Sandy! I'll be getting my linen pintuck blouses (coffee, pale blue, fuchsia) and white jeans(es) out of storage. I have a white biker jacket, a navy straight dress, a coral straight dress. A colourful raincoat would be nice. Haven't any other ideas at present. Shoes - difficult to find ones that stay on - I need straps across, probably. I saw a good idea that I may copy - if you find a nice dress or tunic that is too short, wear it over a knee length skirt. (Already knew about wearing them over leggings or trousers).

  8. (Over a straight knee length skirt, I meant).

  9. The pin tuck blouses sound lovely, Natasha. I love seeing people wear white like your jacket and pants, I just can't keep it clean, so opt for light beige. Here is the beige moto jacket I just got. It's my version of white for summer.(That's NOT me in the photo which was taken from Dynamite's online catalogue.)


  10. Anyone going for the oh-so-popular-this-summer jump suit? Lots of them in stores look cute and the salespeople seem really excited about them. I'm no longer willing to undress to bra to go to the bathroom, Ha, Ha!

  11. The beige moto jacket looks great. With regard to jumpsuits, besides the inconvenience, I think it depends on body proportion and overall image, height of shoes worn with it too. Years ago I was foolishly persuaded (by a salesperson) to buy a plain white jumpsuit. A relative said I looked like a painter and decorator. :(

  12. Duster coats are back in fashion. Seems like a good idea. I may look for one, instead of a mac. However, may be difficult if the weather is windy.

  13. Sandy, cute jacket! Natasha, I have the same problem with shoes...been loving the ankle boot trend for that reason. I already have a tan trench coat that I've been wearing for several years--nice to be back in style! As for spring shopping, I recently bought a raincoat (grey with pink trim) but the weather hasn't been warm enough to wear it yet. This week it's supposed to be rainy but still close to freezing! Also bought a couple of patterned blouses (floral and striped) and some dark-wash stretch jeans. On the shopping list: lace-up shoes dressy enough to wear to work, another pair of basic dress pants, and something in pink/magenta (blazer, cardi, or scarf) to top off several dresses I own. Hard to think about spring in this weather though.

  14. I agree with Sandy67. I had long trumpet sleeves years ago and they dragged through my food, tables I was dusting, trash I was taking out, etc. Not fun! Jan

  15. i really love learning about fashion. i don't dress up much. i am a medical assistant and wear uniforms. i do add a necklace and earrings every day to feel special. thanks for the information Leslie and crew!

  16. I am the odd woman out here! I like the cold shoulder and trumpet sleeves, and just can't enjoy the distressed denim unless it was distressed by actually wearing it. There are so many pretty dresses out, but most don't cover bra straps, so they don't tempt me to overspend. However the purples are great this year!

  17. Hi, catwoman! I'm not into distressed denim either, so you're not alone. Will have to keep an eye out for these purples you mention! Update on my earlier post: I have short arms, so I'm really liking the trend of 3/4 length more rolling up! I still haven't bought anything with trumpet sleeves though. Am wearing one of my new purchases to celebrate the warm weather today, a floral tunic with soft pinks and other pastels on a light navy background that really brings out my eyes. :-) I'm realizing that although I'm happy with how my business-casual wardrobe for work is shaping up, I'm short on things that I enjoy wearing outside of work. So that'll be my shopping priority this spring.

  18. Also, I think I'm finally figuring out how to wear patterns (besides patterns on dresses and scarves, which I love). Either that or this season's patterns finally match up with my colouring (so often, they're either too strong or too pastel). Woohoo!

  19. Nice post ladies. I too am excited about the new spring fashions. Not sure about wearing jumpsuits again (mostly because of the dress down thing just to go to the bathroom)....however, I am considering them. Why? Because they can be slimming (all one color from head to toe) and it's a fun trend.

    Sandy! Nice jacket girl. I'm a fan of moto jackets. With the higher cut (again they can be so slimming with the added appearance of longer legs). I've got a white moto jacket from White House Black Market and I've worn it twice on cool days when I needed some type of arm coverage. It's the best completer piece for spring.

    Wonderer...consider mixing some of your business casual pieces into your weekend chic outfits. While not everything will work-it could give you double-use on some of the pieces-while making your casual outfits more stylish with their addition.

    Thanks all, I enjoyed reading through this post. Let's have a stylish spring! Love, Leslie MSP

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