Mother of the Bride dress!

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  1. I'm here for 3 reasons: 1. My friend says I dress like a mom (yes, we're still friends) 2. I have 2 daughters getting married this year. 3. I'm an E body-type. The first wedding is "Elegantly whimsical". Please tell me that I can wear something that won't make me look like a circus act.

  1. It will depend on the time and location of the wedding. Forget "whimsical" and stick to elegant and pretty. What is wrong with "dressing like a mom" if you are a mom? That does not mean looking frumpy. Get something that is a flattering color and is comfortable and fits your shape. This could be a long dress, shorter dress, or pants and a top that appeals to you.

  2. I think that you can find a good dress on the Internet that would be good for your figure. I don't know what kind of dress suits your type of figure, but I think that free-cut dresses perfectly hide the flaws. If you think that such a dress will be too boring, then you can easily change it with beautiful accessories, for example, a stylish belt or designer jewelry(I really like such jewelry, they are suitable for any style of clothing.) Also choose comfortable shoes. You will have to walk a lot and probably dance.

  3. I agree with lilyapril - buy something in a colour that suits you and a style that you are happy in. For the first wedding you could have a whimsical handbag (purse) if you feel like it. : )

  4. I dealt with being MOtB August 2017. Not only am I short (5"1) but plump and my daughter had a beach wedding so I feel what you are saying. I'm a "D" - delightful figure - (rolling my eyes) and I just ended up going with a high low dress from Adrianna Pappal (I'm sure I spelled that incorrectly) - Abstract Floral High Low Dress with Jeweled Neckline in peach/gold and had it altered by a local seamstress. And I splurged on good supportive undergarments. Whatever you do wear- make sure you get a gown that is comfortable and that you feel elegant and pretty wearing it and take flats with you for those sore toes later in the evening. I ordered my dress from JCP and only paid about $75.00. Elegantly whimsical can mean you wear a solid color gown and dress it up with a fun satin multi-color shawl (or huge bow tied in the back to accentuate your waist and top it with a matching fascinator; like they wear in England or to the Kentucky Derby! I tried every way in the world to figure out how to include one for my daughter's wedding but being on the beach with the wind, it just wasn't happening. I will suggest, having two children myself, to purchase vastly different gowns for each wedding so each child feels that you went out of your way to make their day special. Good luck! I'm sure whatever you choose you will look wonderful. :)

  5. Great advice, all! I agree, beautiful dress, and funky purse, fascinator, parasol, cane or hairclip.

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