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  1. Hi all, I've been an MSP subscriber for years, then life fell apart and I fell off the style wagon. Now two years post divorce, I'm ready to start looking put together again. However, I've gained twenty-five pounds in that time, and nothing fits anymore. I've broken down and bought a few basic t-shirts and a couple of pair of jeans, but my 'uniform' now consists of t-shirt, jeans, ugg type boots, and a fleece vest to cover the weight. I'm trying to take off the weight, as I'm petite (5'0) and a B, and it's not good for my health. My dilemma is, I have a closet full of clothes that I want to fit into in the future, that I put together using MSP's tips, and I can't afford to replace all of it. I have a budget of about $100, with $25 being in the form of an amazon gift card, that I can use to buy a capsule wardrobe in my new (bigger) size. I just signed up to MSP's weekly profiles again, and bought her capsule book too for inspiration and ideas. I'm wondering though what to do with my smaller clothes? Should I pack them all away for now? A little bit of background for context: I live at altitude (9,600 ft) in a rural mountain town, where everything is super casual, yet I go into the city quite a bit. Temps are usually cold, think dirt roads and snow/mud on the ground. I am training to see clients as a health coach, so I also have to look somewhat professional but more on the casual side (is that called business casual?) I also am seeing a younger man. I'm 43, and starting to go a bit gray, but I can't use conventional hair color as it makes me feel ill, so I'm looking for alternatives to that. As far as my wardrobe, I'd like to do something more Boston Proper than Coldwater Creek or Chadwicks, if you get my drift, even though I'm in the worst shape of my life right now. (He loves me as I am, but I'd like his friends to see a chick older woman as opposed to an old hag, lol.) Oh yeah, the other reason for wanting a capsule wardrobe is so that I don't have to put much thought into throwing an outfit together. I work full time, am going to school, and am building an online business, so I want to automate this 'dressing well process' as much as possible, and have a new 'uniform' I don't have to think about. I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed...any ideas or tips or even just words of encouragement to get me through this patch are appreciated. And thanks for reading!

  1. If you can't wear you smaller clothes, they need to be out of your closet. I would pack them away in a place where they can be easily accessed as your weight loss progresses. As for your spending allotment, I would look for a dark solid pant and top in your preferred neutral (think column of one color) that could be mixed with your jeans and tees. You could then add a couple of scarves or other accessories for accents. A pair of stylish boots would also be good for business casual and probably find on sale. Also, as per MSP suggestion, thrift shops might be good for this transition period. Good luck with your weight loss journey and your style journey.

  2. I would see about a new, sharp looking hair style unless you love your hair and do not want to change it. Splurge on the best stylist you can afford. Greenwoodcg is right about the smaller clothes being stored away and out of sight and also about some stylish boots or shoes.

  3. Hello, Stay cheerful - there are lots of things you are doing right, just as you are! If you want to store away some clothes for your future weight loss, what about vacuum packing them to take up less space? When choosing new items for your capsule wardrobe make sure that the colours suit you and go well together. Don't go mad with changing your hair. Avoid anything too severe looking. If you see someone with the style you like, ask who does her hair. As to the colour, can you use the wash-in, wash-out type colour? That is usually gentler. (Or what about Food Colourings? There are online articles about that). Regarding overall image, just adding Earrings and a little makeup (eye makeup, lipstick, powder on nose(!)can make a great difference. Good luck with your journey. x

  4. Thanks ladies for the input and the words of encouragement! It means a lot. I have decent accessories and shoes/handbags, so those I don't think I need to replace. Most of my weight gain has been in my hips, thighs, and belly. I was also thinking of maybe finding more knits than non-stretchy fabrics, that way there's more give in the clothes as my weight decides which direction it wants to go. I think I also need to think in terms of layers to stretch this wardrobe change as far as possible (as the weather warms up), although by the time the warm weather finally arrives here, it will be May or June, and hopefully by then I'll have lost enough to get back to my old favorites.

  5. Check out Garnier Olia haircolor. It is supposed to be gentler, and it is not smelly.

  6. Dear Musebemused...Lots of wonderful suggestions for getting your style back together from these lovely SYSters in style!

    I would use the eBook suggestions and work towards creating ONE small wardrobe capsule. If you are missing a few pieces-go to a consignment store in search of them. You may need to check the store frequently because not everything will be found instantly. Just like Rome was not created in a day...your style journey is a process. Give yourself time and create a PLAN using the capsule eBook.

    Rely on your accessories to add a bit of style to every outfit (even though your outfits and environment is casual).

    It sounds like you are well on your way-best of luck! Love, Leslie MSP

  7. Hi Musebemused, it sounds like you're making great strides in getting your life together as you'd like it. I wish you well with your studies, business aspirations and style journey. As an Aussie we tend to have a very casual dress sense too. I would suggest mixing and matching your casual with slightly more dressy pieces (as MSP also mentions often). Nicely cut jeans plus a button down shirt (can be layered for warmth) and boots and tasteful accessories look well put together, especially if you have good ones already. Make use of your nicer bags and shoes to set the tone for outfit ideas. For a dressier option to jeans invest in a pair or two of business appropriate pants - maybe try thrift shops in the city when you visit. Another thing to look for are tailored jackets which can be dressed up or down and give some warmth for your location at altitude. Add a nice brooch or scarf to dress it up even further if meeting a client or heading out on a date night. I also think a good haircut goes a long way to making us look polished and well dressed. Good luck with everything.

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