Pants size dilemma

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  1. I'm a 5'5" C body type with a short rise. My torso is also about 1/2" shorter than regular sizes. My not-petite height is disproportionately carried in my legs. Petite sizes just fit way better than regular sizes -- BUT they are often too short. That's fine with tops and some dresses, but pants are the real problem, and very frustrating for me. I usually have to take in the waist on most pants, however lengthening the petite size pants isn't always possible. I tried on some petite slim ankle pants at J Jill's and the sales associate tried to convince me they could be worn as Capri style pants instead (I said "no! That does not work for fall/winter outfits!"). The regular size was 3" longer, but waist nearly an inch above where mine is located. I'm looking for better quality pants that come in shorter rise. Can anyone suggest specific brands or stores? Mid rise jeans (which come just to or slightly below my waist) work, but sometimes I want a dressier or more relaxed fit.

  1. Oops! I'm a "B" not a "C".

  2. Hello Karen, Thought I'd say hello, so you know someone has read your question. :) It's quite a tricky question to answer, so that may be why you've not been inundated with replies. How much too short in the leg are the Petite size pants/trousers? Could you have them lengthened by a tailor?

  3. Karen, Have you tried Westbound brand of pants? They are sold at Dillards, the inseam for the short is 27.5"

    Here is the link:

    Hope that helps you find pants that fit. If not, I'd agree with Natasha to go to a tailor. That way you get what you need fitted to your body. Fit couldn't get any better than that! Julie

  4. Westbound is a good brand. They have in petite both regular and short. You want to choose a petite regular for the longer. I have petite jeans that are either 28 1/2" or 29". Will that work for you? They also have at least a 1" hem.

  5. Thank you, tellanna25, for sharing that. I will definitely look for that brand. JJill, Chicos, and others, have a 3 in length difference between the regular and petite. The 1" hem can sometimes be lengthened as much as .75 inches by adding a separate facing, but that doesn't help much if I need to lengthen 1" or more.

  6. Also thank you to Julie who posted same information 2 months ago.

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