Spring colouring in winter season

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  1. My seasonal color is Spring. Technically that means that black shouldn't be my main basic color or be worn anywhere close to the face. In winter, it seems the only color of dress pant available is black and most outfits are based around black. Any tips for a Spring to dress for the office and embrace the black?

  1. That is a very good question! Even though I'm a Summer who finds the bright colors (along with black) are not my best either, I'm thinking you should try and work with black. Use black dress slacks (because the color is not near your face) then wear it with tan, creams, and browns. The combination of cream, brown and black looks classy. Animal print or an accent color with your accessories or scarf would complete your look. So, basically instead of the brown slacks (if you can find them) go with the black ones and make it work. Just my 2 cents worth of style advice ;)

  2. I have the same problem! It's often possible to find dress separates (slacks/blazer/pencil skirt) in navy or charcoal, which are less harsh on those of us with more delicate colouring. As a bonus, black/charcoal and navy/charcoal both go well together. Sometimes you can find a top that has several shades of grey, so it "reads" lighter -- like the one I'm wearing today, which is a patchwork of black, charcoal, and light grey. I also look for tops with small black-and-white patterns, and cream or "winter white" rather than stark white. You could try wearing a black dressy sweater or blazer with a collared blouse in one of those colours -- the collar next to your face will soften the black a bit. Picking up on what Julie said, you could try black dress slacks with a dressy sweater or blouse in a solid colour that's dark but not so dark it overwhelms you -- burgundy, purple, royal/cobalt blue, dark red/wine, true red if that works for you. Good luck!

  3. Yes, with black workwear separates, you could wear near to your face the Spring colours that suit you. As well as the colours already mentioned, you could wear coral, apricot, light turquoise, light blue or heliotrope. You could have a look at the various blogs that deal with colour analysis, including MSP's blog.

  4. And wear a subtle necklace and/ or earrings to brighten it up too.

  5. Ever since I got a black and tan dog I have been enamored of this combo. A Spring look I like is an English Tan leather boot, purse, etc. worn with black clothes. I have tall black boots with a brown leather strip at the top...so cute.

  6. And gold jewelry!

  7. I'm a summer palate and before MSP thought I shouldn't own black clothing items. But now I find black is a versatile capsule clothing color for the winter. I add a scarf in my summer colors which brings the correct colors near my face, and only need a few scarves to change it up. Actually, I'm discovering scarves to be more my style than jewelry, but you may find a necklace in your spring colors does the same thing.

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