Need clothing advise for jobinterview

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  1. I’m up for an interview for a CEO position the 18/12 and wants to give the best firstimpression! All advices on What to wear are appreciated. I’m a B, size 42/L in clothing (Norway)

  1. A skirt and jacket suit, or matching dress and jacket in a dark to medium colour, would be good. It depends on how formal or informal the company is.

  2. (Note: I'm in Canada, so standards may be different.) For a CEO position, I'd err on the side of more formal. Suit jacket (blazer) and a matching bottom, either a pencil skirt or slacks. Colour would depend on the company/industry. If it's a more casual or creative company, you could do a bright colour, with a white blouse underneath. If it's a conservative industry you might want black, grey, or navy, with either a white or coloured (solid or patterned) blouse. Lykke til!

  3. Thanks! ????

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