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  1. What have you put together for Christmas. I finally found my "little black dress" after a couple years of looking. But topping it with something "sparkly" just doesn't feel right. Maybe it's because I'm a "summer" color palate, prefer muted tones, and like using Blue as my accent color? Ideas for Christmas?

  1. Going to a dinner on Monday night. Hoping to wear a dark green crushed velvet straight dress with long or 3/4 dress with long sleeves (which I am making). Also hoping to wear it with gold shoes and a jazzy necklace (neither of which I have yet). If that doesn't work out I'll be wearing a slate grey jersey dress with a jazzy necklace(?). Sandy 67 - if you need a jacket or something for your black dress, what about black sequins or black and gold/silver sparkly fabric?

  2. I don't mean a 3/4 dress - I mean "long or 3/4 sleeves" for my dress.

  3. Natasha, love the dark green dress. How wonderful that you know how to sew.

  4. Sandy, what about a blue shawl or shrug in a fancy fabric like satin or lace? If sparkly jewellery doesn't feel right, you could do classic gold or silver. You could also add sparkle with a belt or shoes. As for me, I don't do black, so for Christmas events I usually wear a dress in some shade of dark red or green. I've had a green plaid sheath dress, a maroon lace fit-and-flare dress, and most recently a forest green wrap dress in a stretchy knit fabric (for a more casual seasonal look). I also have a few bright red or dark red tops for varying levels of formality -- right now I've got a bright red sweater that can be dressed up or down, and a darker red sparkly v-neck shell for fancier events.

  5. Sandy, Did you read Leslie's festive style tips?
    Here is the link:
    I found them very helpful. I didn't want to buy anything new and I put together black dress slacks and a pretty sweater I had forgotten about! My closet had what I needed. I'm glad I took the time to really look. Now to choose the right earrrings....

  6. Thanks for the ideas and encouragement Julie and Wanderer. Yes, Leslie's tips came in handy, especially what not to do. Kept it simple in black, and used Wanderer's idea of a red top. It was really cold over the holidays, so wore black pants, black boots, red top, black sweater, some silver accessories. For New Years, used black boots, black skinny pants and burgangy turtle neck under black dress, with large silk blue and burgandy print scarf, burgundyy winter coat. Again, thanks for the ideas.

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