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  1. I recently found out I have lymphedema in my legs. For the past few months,I have had both legs wrapped with ACE bandages. Now, I have progressed to foot and calf wraps fastened with velcro flaps. I choose not to advertise the problem when I dress. So far,I've been wearing trouser socks over the wraps and long skirts. Next month we plan to cruise to warmer climes. How can I dress without seeming too covered up? I am a senior lady with a D body.

  1. How about maxi skirts and wide-legged, flowy pants in lightweight fabrics? Even if you choose to wear closed shoes, you'll still look tropical and age-appropriate.

  2. I agree with Wonderer, I'm sure there will be others on the cruise wearing maxi skirts, maxi dresses and loose pants in lightweight fabrics. And kaftans.

  3. Thanks for your suggestions. I hadn't thought about the wide legged pants. Will be checking the clearance racks and thrift stores in the next few weeks.

  4. This is my first time on the forum. I am having a hard time figuring out how to use the style article this week on proportion. I am an "A" and have very skinny legs, especially my calves. My left leg is smaller than my right leg due to nerve damage. How do I dress to obtain an hour glass shape?

  5. Welcome Beth. An hourglass figure has a slimmer waist than the hips and shoulders. And the waist and shoulders are the same width as each other. If you are conscious of your legs, I would suggest trying on different styles of skirt or dress (in a shop?)to see which is most flattering, in a full length mirror. If you are wearing pants/ trousers the width of your calves wouldn't be noticed anyway. As MSP says - People are not examining each and every part of you. They see the whole person. Best wishes, Natasha.

  6. Thanks, Natasha for your insights. One of my challenges is, I live in Florida - and I am very warm natured. I am also retired, so I rarely wear skirts or dresses. I have begun to wear cotton, sleeveless maxi dresses at times, they are cooler than pants/trousers, which I really only wear three months of the year - mid-November to mid-February. My shoulders are wider than my hips, my waist is slimmer than either my shoulders or hips. I feel sort of like an upside down triangle! I will take my longer shorts and capris, and try them on in front of a mirror. Thanks again for your suggestions.

  7. Hello Beth. That figure type sounds OK. Maybe if you emphasised your waist it would give you an hourglass figure? If you wear a necklace / earrings that would also bring attention upwards too. Can you find some maxi-dresses with a full skirt?

  8. Also, wearing shoes with even a low wedge may help the visual effect.

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