Changing how I dress

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  1. I recently found out I have lymphedema in my legs. For the past few months,I have had both legs wrapped with ACE bandages. Now, I have progressed to foot and calf wraps fastened with velcro flaps. I choose not to advertise the problem when I dress. So far,I've been wearing trouser socks over the wraps and long skirts. Next month we plan to cruise to warmer climes. How can I dress without seeming too covered up? I am a senior lady with a D body.

  1. How about maxi skirts and wide-legged, flowy pants in lightweight fabrics? Even if you choose to wear closed shoes, you'll still look tropical and age-appropriate.

  2. I agree with Wonderer, I'm sure there will be others on the cruise wearing maxi skirts, maxi dresses and loose pants in lightweight fabrics. And kaftans.

  3. Thanks for your suggestions. I hadn't thought about the wide legged pants. Will be checking the clearance racks and thrift stores in the next few weeks.

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