wrap dress for wedding guest - suddenly winter, advice needed!

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  1. Hi friends, I'm wearing the dress pictured to my sister-in-law's wedding tonight. I traveled from North Carolina to Minnesota for this wedding and it suddenly, unexpectedly snowed! I'm afraid I'm going to be freezing and wondering if i can just use a colorful wool shawl? or buy a cardigan? Planning to wear black opaque tights with pewter wedge pumps, but just not sure about a sweater? Any help appreciated!!


  1. Sorry, this post could be removed. I posted before I had my coffee and was panic-ing! Ifound a dressy black cardigan, and will use my wool shawl if needed. INext time I'lll post ahead of time so that theres time to make a good plan, but this morning I was not sure how to work it all out!

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