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  1. I downloaded "MSP's Style Recipes" and am challenged when trying to decide on neutral and accent colors. I think I've chosen too many! I selected, for neutrals black, charcoal grey, and ivory. For accent colors, wine, navy, and spruce green. But isn't navy really a neutral? I'm getting a little tired of black, but navy as a basic does not seem doable- especially in a corporate work environment. I look best in red, navy, ivory. Mushroom, mustard, & pale pastels wash me out. Do you have any recommendations/ helpful tips on how to decide/ narrow down the possibilities? Thank you!

  1. Hmmm. How conservative is your work environment? I work in a business casual-ish office and navy slacks/skirt or blazer would be considered quite formal, especially if worn together. I usually mix them up with other neutrals, such as cream or light-to-medium grey, and then add an accent colour. For example, navy blazer, slim-fit wine pants, cream top. (Personally, I look better with one lighter colour in the mix.) Or, grey pants and a tailored wine-colored sweater. (I can't help you with narrowing down -- not very good at that myself!)

  2. What is your "seasonal colors" Acarinci? Are you a Winter? Sounds like you are not an Autumn? And if you don't like pastels, you're probably not a Summer nor a Spring? Navy is a lovely neutral, if it's the right shade of navy for your coloring. I'm a Summer, and for most of the year I use a medium blue rather than a true navy as neutral. I have a friend that is a Winter and she looks awesome in the darker true navy and even an electric blue, and of course she looks great in black. Good point, Wonderer, about first determining if your workplace is business formal, or business semi-casualo, etc.

  3. Just my opinion: Neutrals Navy and Charcoal. Accents Red, Ivory, Wine, Spruce. All the accent colors you chose are dark, perhaps that has made it difficult to mix them. Nix the black, unless it makes you look and feel fantastic, for it has so been done to death.

  4. has lots of colours advice for each "colour season". (I know it's not practicable to have goods sent - but their their charts and blog are interesting).

  5. Thanks for your replies. I've heard that red- as in full on red- is my color. Electric blue is another one, but I'm not sure that's a good color going into the fall/ winter in NY. Do you know if that is spring or winter? My work environment is mostly business casual- depends whether I'm in the city office or the suburban office. Wearing a different color jacket and pants with a tank or pants and a blouse is perfectly acceptable most days. I really do have a hard time mixing and matching. I'll work on that. Thanks for the website. I will definitely check it out. I have brown hair, hazel eyes and fair-medium skin if that helps any.

  6. According to the kettlewell site colour charts, Electric Blue is a colour for people of Winter colour group. However there are lots of similar blues in the Spring colour group - maybe very slightly softer? There's a quiz to help you decide which group you belong to. (Quizzes are also available on other colour sites). To see which colours suit you, it's a good idea to hold a garment or scarf just below your face and look into a mirror in good daylight. Compare other shades. Some colours will make you look more alive. If possible, get a friend to help you decide. :)

  7. Color Me Beautiful in the 1980’s is still the best explaination of seasinal colors. Here is a tv program explaining the colors. It's dated from the 80's but still very informative. You could also buy Missus Smartypants' consultation. Knowing your color season is really important, will save you money and everything will match.

  8. Thanks guys. I did do a color analysis way back where someone held swatches up to my face, and the consultant said red was by far my best color. I can't remember what season she said I was, but according to kettlewell, I'm a winter. I'm going to watch the video in the next few days so thanks for that information. Also, I do have too many darks and prints. I've got to focus on building up my basics! I'm finding it hard to pair things together because if I'm capsule dressing, MSP says to wear one color on top and bottom based on my body type. So, I'm thinking that I wear charcoal grey pants and a shirt and top it off with what- a red cardigan or navy one??

  9. Either one. Navy will be more subtle, red more flashy, but red is your color...

  10. Thanks for the feedback catwomanbert!

  11. Thanks for the feedback catwomanbert!

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