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  1. Hi Group! Where is the Remix your Closet article that MSP refers to in her answer to the Q&A from Doris, just posted. She tells Doris to read the article, but I don't know where it is or what she is referring to, but really would love to read it, too! Anybody know???? Thanks, Sheri

  1. Hello Sheris, if you are a member just log in, click on My Account, then My Personal Profile and Style Articles.

  2. Hi Natasha! Thanks for responding! I am a member and checked all of the posted articles and didn't see any article named Remix your Closet. What was the date on the article? Or is it one that stays posted on your personal page, much like the Must- Have Wardrobe Basics article? I'd love to find it!

  3. I've just searched online and it was week beginning 18 September 2017, so Thursday 21 September. Articles stay posted for 4 weeks. Perhaps if you email MSP, she will send it to you.

  4. Oh, thanks so much!! I will take a look in my saved files. I usually save the articles by date, so I'll check. I appreciate you letting me know where you found it! :)

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