What to wear to the Gym

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  1. Trying to make myself go to a Gym or a regular Zumba class. Would like to cover my arms but most of the smart gymwear (in the supermarket!) is sleeveless. Should I just wear a 3/4 sleeve teeshirt in a toning colour, over the gymwear?

  1. Have you tried an outdoor lifestyle store? Sorry I can't give you specifics--I'm Canadian and the store I'm thinking of (MEC) is only in Canada. But anyplace that sells hiking gear, or even a running store, should carry long-sleeved lightweight tops in wicking fabrics. Not as cheap as the supermarket, but you could watch for pre-Christmas sales!

  2. Thanks Wonderer. I bought 2 mottled long sleeved tops online, one deep pink and one blue, but they're not inspiring me to go. Maybe it's the colours - or maybe I need those special talking tops, that say "Get yourself out of here and leap about in the exercise class"! :)

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