sensible shoes and trousers

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  1. this is my nicest orthotic shoe. Any hints on how to wear it with trousers that are dressier than jeans? I am a petite C body type


  1. After a quick internet search using your heading, I found suggestions for cigarette trousers, and for wide leg trousers, in 2017 autumn fashions. It would be best to try on some styles, with your shoes, and see what you think.

  2. Also, when you have found the right trousers, bring attention upwards - to head level. (Earrings? necklace/scarf? lipstick? hairstyle). :)

  3. Natasha is so right! Bring attention upwards. You may need orthotic shoes, but there are other areas you can play up to make your outfit look stylish ;)

  4. Hi MSP, I probably read the advice on your site. :) And someone - ?Renee - said on another post that a relative wore "sensible" shoes but always looked immaculately dressed and groomed, so people didn't notice the shoes. And - in a lot of the very latest fashion photos, the models are wearing "sensible" shoes with all sorts of outfits.

  5. Natasha that is a good point you make. I got an email from Nordstrom and the model was wearing a flowing dress at the knee. She had on black combat boots!!! Personally, that is not something I'd ever wear. However shoes are becoming more sensible instead of super high which no one can wear because they hurt your feet so much. Comfortable shoes and a stylish outfit is always a winning combination in my book!

  6. Ecco shoes are great. Wearing a shoe that is comfortable makes any outfit look good. The opposite is even more so. IMHO

  7. Thanks all. Great advice. I like combat boots and skirts/dresses too.

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