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  1. Leslie, thx so much for your quick reply aboout how to download ebook! I love the info and have already used it! After reading your article about what a 'C' should wear and your shopping advice from The Limited, I ran over there because they had pencil skirts on sale and I knew I needed one for a good basic. I didn't buy the one you suggested, it fit but I felt it was too young looking for me, because it hugged my legs revealing a prominent bum! So I opted for a more tailored cut. Also purchased a new white tshirt and pants that will be great for fall, all on sale! Thx again for your style advice!

  1. You are welcome drjrere! Sounds like your wardrobe building if off to a great start! Love, Leslie MSP

  2. Hi Leslie! Does e-book have color pics in it? Can you please tell more of what the ebook includes?--is it a list of clothese to mix and match or more than that? I love your ideas and plan to re-sign up again, but I am not sure if I am a "c" figure or a "d" figure. Does it depend on measurements? I am small on top, defined waist, and full in hips and thighs. Thank you!

  3. The eBook does have a complete wardrobe list and it gives examples of what to mix and match. Yes, there are lots of colored outfit pics in it as well. It'e the ultimate guide of how to mix and match. When it suggests a jacket for example, you would need to find a classic jacket/blazer that is best for your body type (so as always you need to know what is most flattering and suitable for you). Hope that helps and hope to have you back as our MSP SYSter!

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