A Big Thank You From Me

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  1. If I ever had cause to thank you for your tips and information it was yesterday. We had a bad, for us, storm come through here (Anglesey in North Wales) on Monday and it took the power out. Lunchtime yesterday (Tuesday) I had a phone call from a friend (who's also a news cameraman). "Hi Sue, we're just down the road covering the aftermath of the storm. Can we come to interview you about the effect that it's had on your business for regional news on a national channel? Yes? We're coming over now". I don't like speaking in public but couldn't miss the opportunity to put my brand on TV for free. I was dressed for a work at home day and as I had no heating I was dressed for warmth rather than style. I hadn't washed my hair as I had no hot water and couldn't style my hair as I had no power. I had about half an hour. Thanks to you I could go to my wardrobe (closet) and pull out an outfit that I knew would look great and a necklace that would lift everything (and hopefully distract from the hair and lack of make-up). I had time to calm myself down, find enough branded items to strew around my desk, write myself some notes about what I wanted to say and have a pot of tea ready for when they arrived. Phew! My little interview was shown on TV twice last night and I had a few messages from people saying that they'd seen it and that it looked great. I'm so glad that the stress was taken out of what to wear. Putting an outfit together in that sort of timescale would've left me no time for anything else and would probably have answered the door stressed and I would've fluffed what I had to say. Thanks again Leslie x

  1. Wow, Sue, way to go! Stay safe in the post-storm aftermath.

  2. Thanks Sue! What a wonderful story. So glad you felt prepared to handle anything (despite the storm)! Dressing well is a snap when you have a PLAN!
    Love, Leslie MSP
    P.S. I'm sharing your story in our email today :)

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