black maxi skirt okay for fall winter in FL?

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  1. I am embarking on my very first attempt at assembling a capsule wardrobe. I was wondering if maxi skirts are appropriate for fall/winter, since I live in FL? Not planning to wear sandals, but flats or almost flat boots. In black or dark gray... Any thoughts?

  1. I think it would depend on the fabric and not so much the color. A black cotton/cotton blend skirt with white or print tops would be good. This probably would be better if it came from a woman who actually lives lives in Florida.

  2. On there are pics of Paris Fashion Week for Fall 2017. Shows a black maxi/midi skirt with black ankle boots(I think). So you would be fasionable. I agree that you need to consider the fabric.

  3. You will look great! Would give me heatstroke, though.

  4. I live in Houston TX, so we are kind of in the same weather system. I LOVE my black maxi skirt. I will wear it with a dressy top, or a neutral cream top and animal print scarf. Or instead of a scarf I have some multi colored necklaces that bring a pop of color. I usually wear black flats with it. However, I would like to be more bold and wear red flats or other pops of color. I am becoming more risky to get out of the rut of matchy-matchy accessories. It's a struggle though! My suggestion is always to try on different combinations and look at yourself in a full-length mirror. Your reflection usually tells you what to do. By the way, my black skirt has a bias cut of soft ruffles (believe me they are very low key and not close together and are in a soft thin knit.) I loved it so much I bought one in coral and one in soft light teal.

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