70 plus wearing leggings

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  1. I have a navy tunic that I would like to wear with grey leggings. My dilemma is I am 70 plus, a petite C shape and need advice on shoe style. I can't wear heels at all and was wondering if a flat ankle boot would work?

  1. I remember what MSP would say for this. Based on the recent shoe article a petite should wear a low wedge in place of a flat shoe. Try your ankle boots in front of a mirror and see if it looks okay. It may work if the boots are the same color as the leggings. Let us know. Maybe post a picture of your outfit here!

  2. I think flat ankle boots would be ok. As would a low wedge. I would suggest that the grey leggings should be thick or textured, like jeggings, so that they don't look like tights/pantyhose.

  3. Flat ankle boots with thick leggings is a classy look for any age! Since you're petite, it would be better if the leggings are black or dark grey, giving you one long visual line through your legs and feet. (That's assuming the boots are black.) You could also wear riding boots or something similar.

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