November wedding

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  1. What would be good to wear to an afternoon wedding in the country in central Texas in mid November? The invitation says Semi Formal. Would a maxi dress be O.K. as long as it is not a sun dress? I want to look appropriate. Help!

  1. I think a maxi would be good.

  2. Semi formal for women is the same as cocktail dress wear. There are lots of sites explaining dress codes if you search "define semi-formal wedding attire" such as "the" or "". And they provide other tips as well such as lighter colours for daytime than evening weddings, better to over dress than to be too casual, and never wear white to a wedding..... So, your long dress would work great, lilyapril, and if you wish to wear a short dress, that's probably what most women will be wearing.

  3. Thank you for the good advice.

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