Dressing for fall and winter in Florida

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  1. MSS has been great through the years, especially when I lived in NY and Maryland where the latest info on seasonal changes really helped. Now I live in FL full time and find that sweater days are maybe 6 mornings in January and it warms up by noon. Air conditioning is on all year so maybe a light topper is needed at a restaurant occasionally. Scarves are too warm and my beloved statement necklaces are making my neck and chest sweaty! Do I put away my white shorts and pants? I find it difficult to find fall colored t shirts and blouses that are short sleeved or sleeveless. Also fall colors and dark shorts look depressing in the bright sun. Suggestions welcome.

  1. Missus Smarty Pants' blog has a nice style mission this week that includes Autumn color palettes. You might transition from white shorts & pants to light/medium beige ones. Maybe a scarf tied to a handle of your bag instead of on you.

  2. I hear you! I miss my cozy ski clothes, too. But Palm Beach style was invented for a reason, lol. My wardrobe changes only a little through the seasons. I might pair lime with salmon for fall, white with red for the holidays. I add in some brown, hunter green, burgundy and plum, and paisley or leaf prints. MSP's fall palletes look great! Also I find big pearls do not feel hot nor scratchy.

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