Looking for Quality Petite Clothes

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  1. Hi All, Where have you been successful at finding work appropriate Petite clothes? I am especially looking for slacks and sweaters that are not polyester or nylon. (I'm flashing this days.) Thanks in Advance! Kim

  1. Hello, it looks as if most of the big stores sell work appropriate Petite clothes. However most slacks probably contain some polyester, to help prevent creasing. Sweaters without polyester or nylon may be easier to find.

  2. Hi Kim, I haven't purchased any work/career clothes in the past couple of years, but when I have, I had some luck with petites at JCPenny, Nordstrom's, occasionally Kohl's, and even J Crew. Oh, and also Banana Republic and Ann Taylor. I always found the most at Ann Taylor, as it was most geared towards nicer work clothes. Let me know what you come up with.... I would like to know what's good.

  3. I have had some good luck with Christopher and Banks online. If you get their free rewards card, you don't have to pay for shipping. They do have regular stores in some of the larger cities. They carry petite but many of their pants come in regular size short so you will have pretty good luck with getting a pair that will fit well.

  4. Thanks everyone. I'm taking my shopping list out this weekend. I will let you know what I find!

  5. I've had a lot of luck with the Worthington brand at JC Penney's. They have a nice selection of pants that are pretty good for work (I don't wear skirts so I can't speak on that). But it is hard finding anything these days that doesn't have a polyester mix of some kind. I think that's a sign of the times. With all the brands struggling, everyone's cutting corners. I remember only a few years ago going into stores and finding luxurious silk shirts. Haven't seen one in a while.

  6. A lot of stores are eliminating their petites section in their bricks and mortar stores and making their petite sized clothing available only online. I'd try Talbots. Whether it's one of their "regular" stores or an outlet store, I have found that they always have a petite section, so I can try on an item before having to plunk down any money. And Talbots has many classic styles that make for appropriate office attire.

  7. I buy Land's End petite. It is their arm length that I appreciate. It seems that the sleeves of many brands are getting longer. Very strange. They sell their clothes at Sears, so go try some on for size and then you can order whatever you want through their catalog knowing it will fit and you can order through the catalog (which has a lot more items than are stocked in the store) with confidence. Plus, online ordering often has a sale price.

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