Fall Challenges

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  1. I'm a B. One of my challenges for fall is finding cardigan sweaters. Everything seems to be designed for other body types. And I'm having to buy a lot of clothes online for availability. How do I tell if a cardigan would be a good fit for my body on a website?

  1. Do you mean lengthwise? If you are not tall, I would say avoid long cardigans and long waterfall cardigans. Otherwise for width, there is usually a size chart on the websites. (Hope someone else chips in with some advice). :)

  2. Not length. It's structure. As a B, I need more structure, and most sweaters don't have much.

  3. So if Type B is an hourglass figure, by structured do you mean "shaped and fitted"? Various blogs advise: A fitted cardigan that falls just below the hips, with a belt. Cardigan sweaters with a wrap front. A sweater dress with a belt. Not oversized sweaters or dolman sleeve. Simple classic lines. Avoid baggy clothes amd thick knitwear. I hope this helps. :)

  4. The problem is finding them. Most seem to be boxy and oversized. And it's even harder to tell online, where I've seen a sweater described as boxy but the image shows it as fitted. I started MSP two years ago now; I still don't have cardigans. When I do find ones that work, they're the wrong colors (it'll be like one color, in orange) or nothing in my size. And it's gotten more challenging with the stores limiting stock on site in favor of online. I'm may be passing on ones online, because I can't tell if it would be good unless it has obvious structure in the picture.

  5. I see. (A lot of the forum members must be away on holiday, or you would have more replies). Perhaps you need a new post with the title "Where can I find fitted cardigans?". I imagine that a more traditional type of shop might still have fitted cardigans...

  6. Argh! I'm with you on cardigans. Nobody's selling fitted ones anymore...I'm still using ones I bought years ago because I can't find replacements. J. Crew has some (same style each year, just new colours) and their website also has reviews, which can be helpful because they often talk about fit issues. It's not a cheap store, but it does have good sales.

  7. I have a rectangular figure and wear a lot of cardigans since they flatter my straight shape. I don't often see fitted cardigans. Someone above mentioned a cardigan with a belt. I see a lot of photos of ladies wearing thin cardigans, buttoned about 1/2 way to 2/3 up and a thin belt around the waist. I love this look but it is not flattering for my figure at all. It would probably be very cute on an hourglass figure! Another thought is possible a thinner fitted blazer?? p.s. I also buy a lot online because the selection is soooo much better and it is easier to find and use coupons. I ALWAYS make sure to buy from a store that I can return to locally....it makes returns much easier!

  8. Regarding cardigans - I've just found this nice post on alreadypretty.com 12 April 2017 "Reader Request- How to Wear Cardigans". There is also lots of very good advice in the Comments after the article. J Crew and Old Navy are mentioned.

  9. Wow, great question Linda. I too am a B and have been hoping to find a navy fitted sweater for years! I've resorted to using casual style fitted blazers while trying to find a sweater.

  10. Perhaps just stick with the casual knit blazers until styles change a bit.

  11. I think you should be able to find neatly fitted cardigans at the more traditional companies. Or even at the supermarket.

  12. Chico's has many different cardigans and has good sales on line. A light weight cardigan with a thin belt is always a possibility. Check out Ebay if you like to shop on line. You can find lots of choices and very reasonable prices.

  13. I found a nice fitted cardigan for fall at Ann Taylor...

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