5 minute fast outfits

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  1. Can say enough good things about what a difference the 5 minute fast outfits idea has made in my life. I've been slowly sorting through my closet (purging my closet) and thinking if each item is something that fits well and I love it and that it can be worn at least three ways...then along comes the fabulous 5 minute fast outfits article and I'm totally loving my purged closet and my phone library of outfits. Thank you, MissusSmartyPants!

  1. Just started recently! What is this " five minute fast outfits" you are talking about? Can someone please explain this to me? thank you, Teresa

  2. Hi Teresa -- this article was posted in July, so it's no longer available on the site, but maybe if you contact MSP she'll send it to you. (Use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page.)

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