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  1. After 47 years in the Banking Industry I am ready to step into a new phase in my life of retirement. My wardrobe has always consisted of "business" dress and now I need assistance. I'm a wife, mother of 2 and grandmother of 5 who enjoys life on the back of a motorcycle traveling the countryside with my husband. My dress preference is casual and I'm more comfortable in jeans than a dress but I don't want to turn into a frump. What can I do to transition to my new "career" and stay in tune.

  1. Congratulations on your retirement!! You can "amp up" your casual wardrobe by buying items that fit you well (alter if necessary), flatter your body shape and colouring, and are made of higher-quality fabrics (well, maybe not for the motorcycle jaunts). Trendy accessories help too -- shoes, jewellery, scarves. You might pick one type of accessory (e.g., earrings or simple necklaces) and make sure you always put one on before you go out the door, even if you're just wearing a t-shirt and jeans. MSP sometimes suggests mixing business/dressy items with casual items, and that might work for you...e.g., dark-wash jeans and a nice blouse and fancy sandals, or a pencil skirt with a casual top and jean jacket. Let us know how it goes!

  2. Congratulations gsmathes! Wonderer's advice is good. And when you're at home or shopping etc, wear clothes that give you confidence and make you feel good. Throw out anything that makes you feel scruffy. Imagine the papparazzi are waiting to pounce on you and put your photo all over the media. (This is advice I am giving - not managing to follow it all the time...) Take note if you see someone of your age who is stylish who is in your usual situation(s). Also look at fashion blogs - there are blogs for all ages and styles.

  3. Oh - it's spelled "paparazzi"

  4. Congrats on your retirement! Such great advice here already! I agree, don't let your style slump because you are retired. Make an extra effort and put something into your outfits. Why? Because it makes you feel better about yourself and others notice you care about yourself too. Of course there are days you'll stay home in relaxed attire...but by far dressing up your casual clothes is a win-win thing to do!

  5. When others see you are making an effor to be stylish, they will be inspired too!

  6. Lipstick... (If you want to wear it).

  7. I made a similar transition after several years in banking, too. I still work and in a large city. I get some inspiration for both work and casual attire from people watching. You might visit your local mall and see what people are wearing. Leather jackets, if you wear one when you ride, can easily make the switch to your non-riding time. You may find the recent 5 minute outfits post from MSP to be especially helpful in creating casual chic outfits consistent with your new lifestyle - 1 piece in a color, 1 piece in a pattern and then a basic piece plus shoes. You can probably "dress down" some of your old work staples like button down shirts by rolling up the cuffs and pairing with jeans. If you have dressy tops from your banking days, no reason you can't wear them with your jeans. Perhaps for a picnic with your hubby as a "date night" outfit after a ride?

  8. I agree with dawnBstyle. Try pairing the favourite of your former work tops with jeans to get casual chic. You can also get a casual chic look with jeans and t-shirt by using another dressy third piece, like work blazer with rolled up sleeves, or former work jewelry or dressy work shoes. Have fun gsmathes, and happy retirement.

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