Best length for maxi skirts and dresses

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  1. What length looks best for maxi dresses and skirts? Is it at the ankle, below the ankle or just brushing the top of the foot? All advice would be appreciated.

  1. It might depend on what shoe you're wearing. If it's a flat sandle, then a bit below the ankle, and the higher the heel, the lower the hem. What do others think?

  2. Personally, I wear them a little shorter than the conventional advice for pants. For example, with flat sandals, I prefer to wear long skirts around the anklebone, so that the sandals show. (But I have seen others wearing skirts that brush the foot or even hit the ground...) A Google image search for "maxi skirt and heels" shows people wearing them at anklebone length even with heels, but that looks funny to me -- if I wanted to wear heels, I'd go with a midi skirt for balance, or maybe wear the skirt right down to the floor, like Sandy suggests. The best length might also depend on whether the skirt is flowy or slim-cut.

  3. Thank you both. I have to wear flats or flat sandals as any heel kills my feet. Has Miss SP ever written about maxi dresses and lengths?

  4. In a past article MSP said the length of a maxi skirt or dress is "at the ankle bone". The article also stated that maxis are a casual look and that they should be worn with flat sandals. The sandals are made to show. Hope that helps!

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