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  1. A big thank you to MSP! I love this week's topic. For starters I am going to work on #1 lipcolor. Anyone else been wearing the same lipcolor too long? I also am going to work on #4 this weekend. Updating my shoes is much needed. I like her suggestion to get something fun and interesting and even colorful for my feet. My shoes are worn and boring. I updated my handbag as suggested a few months back and I love my new handbag and boy oh boy did I get a lot of compliments on it! This style stuff really does make a positive influence in our lives. Who knew, lol! Having fun with my style, how about you ladies? Can you share what you are going to try from these 12 steps?

  1. Hi Julie, I'm glad you are enjoying your time here at MSP and learning lots of good things. You asked what some others are trying from the 12 Steps to Chic Style. For myself, a long term member, I've already implemented a few in previous years. I have some great colourful jackets (Step # 3) and shoes (#4) already and love them all. And I already wear fun scarves (#5) no matter the season too. So for this season I'm joining you in #1 and ditching any lipsticks that are too dark for me and add years to my face. I have lighter ones too so I'll play around with them to find the BEST ones to wear each day. I also need to shop for a couple of good bras again (#2). It's always a battle to find some that are comfortable, fit well but still have a little style about them. Lastly, I want to practice # 6 and wear my fun watches more often. I have two or three different ones but tend to keep them safe at home instead of wearing them. They do add a nice finish to an outfit if your wrist shows so I really should wear one more often for that bit of polish. Wishing you many more chic style days.

  2. Lisa: Nice to hear you have taken time to do all these different things. It does take time, but by checking off each chic style idea I find myself concentrating on how I look (not in a conceited way) because I now want to present myself in the best way possible. It's a self confidence booster for me. It puts a smile on my face and funny but now I get compliments! Let me know if you find any good shades of lipstick (#1)...all the best to you! Julie

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