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  1. Here's the thing, in the last couple of years I have noticed that while I want to wear cute shoes and heels, I find that I can no longer wear high heels as no matter who makes them, they tend to kill my feet in about 10 minutes. While I love the idea of flats, I have trouble finding good ones that have enough sole to them that I do not feel every bump, rock and stick that I walk across. Does anyone have any ideas or brands of shoes that are dressy-ish, but are also comfortable, either slightly heeled or flat. I am only 45 and do not want to walk around in typical orthopedic looking shoes...not yet anyway, but my feet are killing me? Any thoughts? Thanks! Viv

  1. Medium wedge heel shoes may be suitable. You would not feel the bumps, on the ground. Wedge heel shoes come in various styles, high, low, dressy or casual. And - your feet are not old, at 45. :)

  2. Wedges with a small platform...

  3. I'm 37, work in an office, and have both fussy feet and knee issues that mean heels are mostly out, so I hear you, Viv! I'd suggest finding a store that has lots of different brands of comfort shoes, and combing through them for the ones that fit your feet and style. My current favourites are Rockport (and their sub-brand Cobb Hill), Josef Siebel, and sometimes brands like Ecco and Naturalizer. In the winter I go with flat ankle booties, and in the summer it's increasingly possible to find dressy-looking flat or very low wedge sandals with some support. In between is where I'm having the most trouble right now. Good luck!

  4. chances are you are losing the fat pads on the soles of your feet. If there is a specialty shoe store around you, go in and they can help you find the right shoes and/or insert. The shoes are going to be more expensive but for your feet to not hurt, it is worth the price!

  5. As you get older the fat in the soles of your feet reduces and causes more strain on your feet, especially when you are wearing heels. Get an insert, the gel ones are brilliant. Avoid heels with overly pointed toes as this too can cause strain. Image Consultant Kent

  6. 45 is not old for feet or people. lol :) You just need to buy some good quality shoes. Clarks are good, as are Gabor - but maybe Gabor is not available in America. The brands recommended by Wonderer (in the post above) will be good. A friend of mine used to wear cheap ballerina flats with no support or padding under the foot, and eventually had problems. She now buys better quality shoes and feels much better.

  7. I'm not sure whether you will see this, but I can relate and we're the same age. Try Vionic. They have good arch support and insoles with a bit wider heels so you'll feel more stable. Styles are getting cuter each season.

  8. Also Hotter shoes are comfortable, wider fitting, and getting smarter each season.

  9. Mephisto and Ecco have confortable and dressy shoes. Mine last about 2 to 3 years (2 different pair per season). The style is classic so nobody really notice they are the same old ones...

  10. I'm always looking for comfortable and cute shoes because I've never been able to wear a pump, flat, or high heel. Buy quality, leather, straps, cushioned sole and heel. Love many of the brands already mentioned because they have those characteristics. Last pair of pumps (with velcro strap) were Bantam by Earth. And sandles were Medici in Rockport's Aravon line (come in three colours, velcro straps.)

  11. Also, my favourite shoe store focuses on a blend of orthopaedic insoles and such, but with a desire that shoes look good as well. Here is a list of all the brands they carry. http://soleexperience.com/our-products/ Maybe, Vivian, you will be able to find a shoe store near to you that carries brands such as the ones already mentioned in earlier posts or listed on the Sole Experience site. That would be a shoe store that knows about comfort for feet, not just fashion and pain.

  12. Vionic does have really cute shoes. I work in a shop where we sell lots of them . they do send a return label if you order online. Some styles run a bit wide, I love the boots I bought from them. So nice to not have hurting feet. Vionicshoes.com

  13. It is funny, but I have never felt really at ease in wedge shoes. I find them to not enough flexible when walking (I mean the sole stays flat) and I always afraid to loose balance.

  14. As for shoes brands, there is also Geox, I have a pair with laces, one loafers. Arche has a range of confortable younger style shoes too.

  15. Some of Geox have a removable insole, means you can wear thicker socks, or when the feet swell a bit in the summer they have more room inside to move

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