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  1. What is age appropriate, i turned 80 recently, lost my husband in December and have heard comments about my clothing choices..... it has been very hot here and i've worn a skort to the grocery store, it's not a short skort either, comes down below my youngest wanted to know why i'm not dressing my age any in put i'm a short D

  1. Your skort sounds tasteful, not overly trendy or youthful, and not baring too much skin. That's perfectly age-appropriate in my opinion. But then, I'm all for rocking your personal style at any age or shape.

  2. Yes, your skort sounds perfectly good. I can't imagine what your daughter thinks you should wear :)

  3. Does you daughter want you to look like Granny on the Beverly Hillbillies? Wear what you like and don't worry about age appropriate. Casual elegant would be great for you.

  4. it wasn't my daughter we tend to shop in the same stores and have similar tastes in clothing, it was my youngest son, his fiends mother's tend to dress old lady.... but dear daughter would never make comments about what i wear

  5. Please just forget about men's comments, especially those you are not married to !

  6. It sounds like your son is the one who's out of touch with what's appropriate. He's just going by someone else's idea of it (his friend's mother). Your skort sounds perfect and I think you should be able to wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Suggest to your youngest son that he gets out more (or checks out some Style At Any Age websites) to see what's changed in the world of women's style. I'm happy for you that you're daughter is a supportive one.

  7. Sounds like your youngest son's friend's mother could use a subscription to MSP. Your skort sounds perfect.

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