Boot Height

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  1. I'm wondering if there is a boot height limit when wearing skinny pants. Does the shorter boot look better? Does it matter?


  1. The boots are cutting off your legs right at the ankle...mostly because of the bold color change. The closer the pant and boot color are-the longer your legs will look (making you look slimmer). Hope that helps! Leslie MSP

  2. To add to what MSP said, if your pants and boots were closer in colour, either ankle boots like those ones or knee-high boots would look equally good. For knee boots, just make sure your pants are snug enough not to bunch up at the knees. Your boots are a good width because the pants aren't bunching at the ankle even though they're tucked in. If you have boots that are snugger around the ankle, I'd suggest rolling your pants hem to stop above the boot top.

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