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  1. This week's blog post on skin care really struck a happy note for me. Many years ago, when I was only in my late teens, my grandmother gave me her secret to beautiful skin. Simple: use a moisturizing cream EVERY DAY. She made a point of saying that it does not have to be high priced at all. The key is to USE IT DAILY. If I remember correctly, she used Pond's. My personal favorite brand for skin care is Dr. Hauschka, which I have used for about twenty years. It IS rather pricey, but a little goes a long way, and I like that they use natural ingredients in all their products. Before Dr. Hauschka, I used almost exclusively Clinique products.I am nearly 77 years old, and most people think I am in my late fifties or early sixties. It's possible that heredity plays a part in this, but I really believe it's that I took my grandmother's words to heart.

  1. I agree with you and your grandmother! Washing your face gently every morning and night and applying a moisturizer every day will have a HUGE impact on the condition of your skin. What you eat, how much sleep you get, how much stress you are under-all can play a roll as well as heredity. You will enjoy this week's article full of good skincare tips based on skin type...and more!

  2. Thanks for this article on skin care. Lots of awesome tips. I try to wash my face before bed. Now I'm going to make sure I do. After reading about what to do daily and what to avoid I'm vowing to better skin care.

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