Flared sleeves?

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  1. Fashionable long flared sleeves - do you like them? Have you worn them? I imagine the amount of fabric may be rather inconvenient sometimes. :)

  1. I rarely wear long sleeves, as it is too hot. But practicality aside, I do love the look! Sleeves can add gracefulness to a clumsy person with long skinny arms and awkward elbows. (How do I know this? you ask.) Not skinny anymore, but still like the romantic look and feel of flowy, draped fabric.

  2. Love flowy draped sleeves. Will go for elbow to bracelet length for practicality.

  3. I love the look, but I admit that I only wear them on occasion when I go out. Even under that circumstance, they can drape right into a plate of food. My advice? Wear them to go dancing or to a concert, but don't try to play housewife or even wear on a dinner date!

  4. I love the style! I agree with Suzer1 elbow length is best. Covering my upper arms makes me feel better, so wearing a sheer fabric that is flow-y and comes to the elbow would be the best and it would look nice and be cool for summer.

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