Leslie, you help heal my style apathy

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  1. Dear Leslie, I subscribe to your site, but like some people who join a gym but never go, I actually have to make myself go to your site. This morning I did, and read about what stylish women actually do to get that way. Time, care, grooming, to start with. I'm off to a job soon, I'm an organizer who has to dress in clean-cut "work clothes" like stretch pants and long-sleeved tee. But I will take the time to check my makeup and hair, and arrange a nice scarf, matching socks (no kidding, I often leave the house wearing mismatches)...Thank you, I am learning to care for my looks, ie: myself. And I will also get out more, seek fun events. I'm divorced for 8 years now, and I realize I depended on my partner for fun activities. I haven't dated since my divorce, I think you are helping me with more than clothes, really great lessons on self care. Love, Dorothy

  1. Good on you Dorothy. I really hope that the little extra effort you put into your appearance each day helps you to feel more confident and love life, and yourself, even more. And may many fun events and activities come your way too. Good luck.

  2. Dorothy, Thank you for sharing your experience. I agree Leslie is teaching us more than "style". It really is a lesson in self-care. I for one are making HUGE improvements since joining. It's nice to hear how you are working the process through in your head. I am finding time spend improving my wardrobe makes me feel so good about myself. My positive way of thinking is rubbing off in every aspect of my life! It's amazing!

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