Elegant Casual

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  1. Elegant Casual is a dress code term I have never heard before. Comes from Regent Cruises. It is the required after 6:00PM dress code anywhere on the ship, not just the main dining room. A friend (not a Style Syster here at MSP) is going on a cruise paid for by her husband's employer. Two formal nights, and eight "Elegant Casual." What would you bring? The cruise is in the Caribbean. I am thinking LBD, sparkly sandals, and a variety of toppers such as a colourful kimono style long jacket, a chanel style short jacket, a long scarf in jewel tones with a brooch to anchor it, a flowy tunic top in the same colour as the LBD to look like a skirt and top. That is four ideas, maybe rotate them through twice? Any other ideas? Hmmm, maybe a satin peplum jacket over the same dress would even work for formal night.

  1. I haven't been on a cruise, but I just got back from a Caribbean resort, and I think "elegant casual" is similar to resort evening dress code (ours called it "smart dress"). For the evenings when we had to dress up, I packed a summery fit-and-flare dress, cropped jacket, floaty midi skirt, boatneck knit top, nice sandals, and a couple of necklaces. Since your friend's cruise has eight such evenings, I'd pack two dresses and a variety of toppers and accessories, as you mention. (Cropped cardigan? Blazer in a summery or dressy fabric?) This link might help: http://www.cheapcaribbean.com/deals/cracking-dress-code.html

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