Problem with spider veins

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  1. I am a short person, and all advice says I should wear skirts to the knee and/or shorts at or above the knee. However, I am plagued by spider veins and discolorations all over both legs, starting from ankles and going to top of thighs. In the winter, I can wear dark hose and long pants. However, I would like to be cool in summer and also be able to wear a swimsuit. Any ideas?

  1. Leg make-up - Sally Hansen Airbrush lotion - has been recommended here for this problem. I've never tried it but it may be worth a try for the swimsuit. Otherwise, lightweight patterned or floral trousers are very fashionable this year, and lightweight white trousers always look good. Maxi dresses are fashionable too. And don't worry about it too much...

  2. Also - a fashionable look is lightweight leggings with a summery tunic top. Regarding swimsuits - no one can see your legs when you're in the water, and if you want to cover your legs when sitting or walking by the pool, you could wear a filmy skirt or sarong around your waist, or a lightweight kaftan.

  3. Good advice from natasha! Since you're short, you'll want to pay extra attention to length/proportion when choosing summer pants, leggings, and tunics -- read what MSP has to say about petites (at the bottom of the articles on your style profile). I've seen the advice that petites can wear maxi skirts/dresses IF they're hemmed to the ankle and cut slim so there's not too much fabric draping the body (that last point also goes for pants).

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