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  1. My niece is getting married in May. It's an evening wedding and the dress is semi-formal. I have no idea what would be appropriate. I've looked at dresses, but everything seems to be for the younger and thinner crowd. I'm 67, overweight (fat) and carry my weight in front (look like I'm 6 months pregnant). How in the name of heaven am I going to find anything that will remotely look good and won't cost $500 or more? Not only do I need a dress for the wedding, but I need one for the rehearsal dinner, and an appropriate outfit for a luncheon. I don't even know where to start. And sleeveless is completely out of the question. I wouldn't subject my sweet niece to such a horrible sight. Why, oh why, can't they make pretty and stylish clothes for older people who don't wear a size 2? Renee

  1. The wedding is this weekend, and I'm all set. Found a lovely pair of silver heels for the wedding. I have my 3 event outfits ready to go. Bride's Lunch - gray pants, rose knit top short-sleeve, scoop neckline, black patent leather loafers, pearl jewelry. Rehearsal Dinner - Turquoise blue sleeveless dress with black piping, light black shrug/jacket, hose, black slingback low heels, black purse, black and silver jewelry (still trying to decide) Wedding - Blue pearl 3-piece (skirt, blouse, jacket) tea length, silver sandals (2-inch heel), hose, silver/gold evening bag, silver jewelry. I'm also carrying a pair of silver slingback low heels (just in case). I had to shop in the Women's sections (Belk, SteinMart, Dillards) to find all this (except the pants), but they fit and I do feel good in them. If I can, I will post pictures. Renee

  2. If you are still looking for a dress for the wedding have you perhaps thought about a empire waisted maxi with long sleeves. The empire waist should cover any belly you aren't happy with and many have lovely lacy sleeves which look very smart casual. Image Consultant Kent

  3. How about this? Image Consultant Kent


  4. The wedding was in May...

  5. The wedding was just beautiful! I looked great in both dresses, and felt really good. However, I'm not used to wearing heels anymore and my legs took a beating. But it was a fun weekend, and my niece couldn't have looked lovelier. Renee

  6. I'm so glad your outfits were a success. Hope you get out and about and wear them again. Natasha

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