What neutrals?

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  1. I am a "winter" and wear dress clothes to work. I am building my spring wardrobe from scratch ( massive closet purge). I have to wear a white lab coat at work but still want to look professional and stylish. What colors do I wear for spring/summer? Thanks

  1. Recently visited my daughter in New Rochelle, NY, about 30 minutes from GCS. Everyone wore neutral colors. No bold colors, only grey, black and brown but mostly grey. I was totally out of place with all my multi-colored tops. So now I build my wardrobe around neutral colors, especially brown, beige, black and white. I purged my closet and now I can almost go in there blindfolded and pick out an outfit. Thank you so much for that advice.

  2. I did Navy and white for spring/summer with a little gray thrown in.

  3. I suggest red, emerald, periwinkle and royal blue with the white. You could go nautical. Maybe some statement necklaces?

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