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  1. Who else of mature age thinks that the first fashions for spring are not for us. Would never wear tattered jeans or ruffled sleeves. Obviously styled by a man who doesn't have to try to keep such sleeves from falling into anything you are trying to do. Sorry but no thanks. An elder from Oregon

  1. I always enjoy the "new" things that come along in the spring and fall previews. Sure, the long bell sleeves are impractical, but did you notice there were also elbow length sleeves with a ruffle? I thought Whoo Hoo Sleeves Hooray!! These "mature" arms like having some covering. So excited to see the pantone colour greenery, I will be haunting the stores looking for pieces with that colour. I think the Hemlock will make a nice neutral too. Tattered jeans are not for me, but lots of the other things look wonderful. Those cute sneakers look comfy and practical. I also love the blush coloured shoes, reminds me of the colour of the shoes I wore for my wedding 33 years ago.

  2. The only tattered jeans I would be caught in are those I have worn out myself. And I am still griping about all the lovely dresses with spaghetti straps, soooo impractical. I am enjoying the prints.

  3. I bought a midi skirt last year, glad to see they're still in style! I'm with suzer1 on the elbow-length bell sleeves and'll be interesting to try out the toned-down versions that show up in the stores. As a long-waisted C who doesn't often wear heels, I don't think wide-legged crops are for me (I have enough trouble with slim-cut crops and capris!), but maybe I'll find one that's just the right length... Chokers and distressed jeans make me think of the 90s, when I was in school, but they might be fun to play around with and make modern again.

  4. Part two of the spring preview is great!!! Midi skirts Hooray! And I love the top that is the first illustration of floral patterns. Not your grandma's floral at all. Snowing here today. I read and dreamed of spring.

  5. Sun dresses can be worn with a thin tee-shirt underneath, to cover any bits we want to cover...

  6. (I was referring to spaghetti-strap dresses)

  7. Where is the free measure guide??

  8. Beth, you'll need to buy or renew your MSP Personal Profile, then email and request the "Fit Guide".

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