Graying gracefully

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  1. I'm 47 and just found out I'm allergic to my hair dye. I have naturally dark brown hair and I'm going to look weird for a while. My roots are probably 75% gray or white actually. The first thing a stylist said was that I was going to have to wear brighter lipstick. Will that put me in a different color classification? Right now jewel tones are my friend. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have followed you for years. Thanks!

  1. Hi, Lori, I feel your pain on the two-tone hair. I botched my dyi highlights, now I am Harlow on the bottom and Mouse on top. I am not an expert, but my opinion is that you should go experiment thoroughly at the makeup counter. What colors do you wear now? My guess is you are still Autumn/Winter(?)but will want to adjust a bit; whether that is darker, lighter, brighter or more muted, hopefully someone else will have more knowledge...Ladies?

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