Polarized sunglasses

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  1. Does anyone have a preference for polarized sunglasses? I know they will be pricey so I'd like recommendations on what to look for and how to choose. Can anyone help? Elaine in TN

  1. I have the best RayBan lenses I could get. The frames are called Jackie Oh!(Pretty big, unlike my regular glasses.) They have lasted for years, I got them at Cohen's, and I will probably soon get new lenses with my updated prescription. I don't remember the cost...$350? But they cut glare, enable me to see underwater better, mostly keep me from getting headaches from the sun, and make me look good. I keep them in a hard case in my purse and treat them like something precious, since they are to me. PS I just developed cataracts-wonder how much sooner I would have gotten them if I hadn't worn my sunnies.

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